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The idea for Ndlovu 4x4 Adventours started with a deeply rooted love and passion for travelling beautiful Africa, in a 4x4 vehicle. The best part of it all, having the freedom to turn off onto that quiet dirt road, looking for the breathtaking places and scenes most will only experience in the pages of a travel magazine. This is what Ndlovu 4x4 Adventours is about.

Ndlovu 4x4 Adventours does not only provide a fully equipped 4x4 vehicle on a rental basis to enable our customers to experience the true beauty of Africa, we provide passionate travelers the means and ability to have the freedom of Africa.

The freedom to be the driver of your own “adventour”, the freedom to set up your camp where you feel you want to spend the night under the magical African sky, the freedom to experience the destinations that tour busses do not travel to.

Additionally Ndlovu 4x4 Adventours provide comprehensive adventour planning services, as well as facilitating guided group tours to various prime destinations within South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Our Services

  • Provide equipped 4x4 vehicles on a rental basis.
  • Facilitate guided group tours.
  • Facilitate self-drive 4x4 excursions.
  • Provide tour planning services and or guides to tourists from abroad.
  • Our 4x4 vehicles operate in the following countries:

South Africa








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